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31 Dec 2009

Welcome readers,

My name is Freddy and I've wasted nearly two days of my life on this place ;-) I found it after being told by a few friends who have been hanging out here for quite some time.

I am a writer, graphics artist, photographer and just about anything else that comes up around the office. Aside from the above interests i'm really into scifi as I truly believe that is so much more out there to be found, and a feeling that the universe is just teaming with life.

Well, I hope that I get to know more posters here, share some thoughts and start learning. Talk to you soon and enjoy it's happy new year!

1 Jan 2010
Posts: 20

Welcome aboard Freddy! Happy New year to you

Core Developer


4 Jan 2010
Posts: 327

Welcome Freddy.

I'm a sci-fi geek too - spent all last night playing the Battlestar Galactica board game with some friends, good fun had by all.
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