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17 Jul 2007
Posts: 3

May I suggest some work in the area of customising forms team? A standard page layout form with the strong JJ validation and form field editing, but with the ability to place text on the top and bottom of the form, and perhaps enhanced field labels (for things like preferred Phone Field formatting, hints for data entry and suchlike) would be useful.

Core Developer


18 Jul 2007
Posts: 327

I have just committed a change to the SVN where a block of descriptive text can be added to each field. This text will appear below each field and can be styled as you like.

You can already add your own text above the form - just add some text to the page via the admin section, it will be added to the beginning of the page followed by the form.

Adding masks for telephone numbers is a feature still some way off, though it wouldn't be hard to configure your own field type for this purpose (and we would gladly accept any code contributions here).


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