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15 Feb 2010
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Hi guys.

Jojo looks really interesting, and I'd love to try it out.

I have been trying to install it on a local server. Unfortunately, the documentation does not reflect the current version.

(I do understand that with free software products, developers often struggle to make time for such things. And I can see that you have generously offered free installation service to at least one fellow who had issues with installation.)

It'd be fantastic if you could provide documentation that made installation possible.


Rick Rick

15 Feb 2010
Posts: 336

Where did you get stuck on the install?

I thought the documentation and setup wizard were reasonably thorough (I haven't checked the video). Though I may have not noticed something missing because I'm familiar with Jojo.

The only thing that I noticed it didn't walk you through is creating database and setting up a site/vhost. This is most likely because those procedures differ dependin on where you're hosting.

Where exactly did you get stuck?

Core Developer


15 Feb 2010
Posts: 327

Yes, we are working through updating the docs, I'm well aware the current install docs are out of date (although many points still apply).

In the meantime, we can answer any specific issues here if you have an error message and information on your platform.
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