Strange behaviour with Jojo_articles

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19 Feb 2010
Posts: 10

I discovered a problem with the Jojo Articles Plugin, and as the bugtracker is not working I want to post it here.

When you delete an article category, then the contained articles themselves are not deleted. But they are also not visible somewhere in the admin. But, these articles are selected when you use the function JOJO_Plugin_Jojo_article::getArticles() on a certain group, even if you select a group 'n' and exclude the group '0'.

When deleting an article group, it would be a good thing to either delete the contained articles, or set them to category=0.



19 Feb 2010
Posts: 379

True. i think the categories page still gets left behind on uninstall too. I'll have a look at it.
Rick Rick

27 Feb 2010
Posts: 336

There would be instances where leaving the categories pages intact on uninstall may be desired. In which I guess you could just make a point of changing the Link field first.
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