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psmith psmith

7 Dec 2007
Posts: 2

Just looking through the CMS, looks great!

I'm wondering how the authors feel about small business using jojo to build and sell commercial sites? With the multi-site deployment this could be a great platform to begin using.

I currently use Joomla for many of our sites but I'm wary about security issues, server and disk space resources.

Additionally, the $100 would cover removal of the tag on the front page. How about a fee to create a branded back-end administration (private label)?

Keep up the great work!

Core Developer


7 Dec 2007
Posts: 327


We already have at least one business rebranding Jojo and using it for their client sites.

So yes, we are totally fine with this, no additional fees to rebrand the backend.

There are a few instances of the word "Jojo" hard coded into some parts of the system, but we are working towards storing all these in a variable so developers can call the CMS anything they like (while still being able to upgrade the main core).
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