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16 Mar 2010
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Hi, just tried to post one but got -"Our previous bug tracker, flyspray, doesn't work with PHP 5.3. We'll replace it in the near future." I love the name, hope the new one is more aggressive!

I was trying to add another user group through "New User groups". There was no error message but the group did not appear. I went into the database and added it to the usergroups table and it now appears and seems to work OK.

And thinking about bug trackers we could do with one so let me know what you select.

marjoleink marjoleink

24 Apr 2011
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How soon is the "near future" I wonder?

I did my first Jojo installation today and ran into a few issues I wanted to report so I went hunting for the link to the bug tracker which I knew I'd seen when exploring this site.

When I found and followed it, I ran into the same message the OP quoted - more than a year ago. I would really like to see a bug tracking system so we can "formally" report our issues and feature requests. A good bug tracking system is a vital tool in any Open Source project, after all. I've never heard of flyspray (hah!), but there are several Open Source alternatives available, such as Mantis, BugZilla and Trac. And Drupal can do (rather simplified) bug tracking as well. :)

Meanwhile, what do you - developers - suggest as the best method for us to report issues while you ponder the difficult question of which bug tracking system to install?

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