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9 Apr 2010
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I was just doing a final check of my site to justify the Valid XHTML | CSS tags and discovered a list of CSS errors most of which related to the plugins Photo Gallery 2 and 3.

Uninstalling them gave me the green tick so they may need some work done on them.




9 Apr 2010
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Only ones i'm seeing in gallery3 are mozilla specific ones for opacity and outlining which are only used for the magazine style layout, and a last-child reference which will be in css 3. The moz-opacity could be replaced with opacity (which would mean it would work in Safari and Chrome as well as Firefox), but that's css 3 too. They're not really wrong, just not standard.

The magazine ones could conceivably be stripped out and included only when that layout is used.

I use pseudo classes like last-child a lot though, and would rather have them than a valid CSS box.

Validation is a good thing, but for me mostly from the point of view of making it easy to spot stupid errors - i'm not sure it has much real value beyond that as long as you stick to standard non-standard approaches and are aware of their limitations. Google certainly doesn't seem to care much about invalid code (as long as it's not broken code, which is something different)
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