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aidans aidans

18 Dec 2007
Posts: 3


Easy question.. hopefully.

I would like only 2 sections of a new site content managed and have the rest static. Is this possible with JoJo?

they are gonna be large product type sections, but no e-commerce.


Core Developer


18 Dec 2007
Posts: 327

Hmmm good question Aidan.

One thing you can do with Jojo is place static files in the web directory, and Jojo will give those priority over dynamic content when a user requests them. So intermingling static content with dynamic content is something we do from time to time. But generally we will have 'mostly dynamic, some static' content which is the opposite of what you are trying to do.

So it's definitely possible, but I'm reluctant to recommend this without knowing more about the site.

Probably a better way to go would be to have Jojo sharing a database with your mostly static site. Use Jojo for editing the product data (stored in a subfolder of the site), and a home-bake PHP script for displaying and formatting the product pages.

This approach should be fairly easy to put together, and should do the trick. Jojo can create a customised "edit products" form in minutes, providing your product database structure isn't too complicated - this is one of the strengths of the system.

Let me know if you need some help with this.

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