Moving Jojo's SVN Repositories

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Lead Developer


17 Aug 2010
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Hi All,

Later this year I will be leaving gardyneHOLT (time for a change of scenery). The Jojo SVN repositories are currently hosted on a gardyneHOLT server that I manage. To ensure that repositories are hosted in a way that ensure they are always available and don't become a burden on my replacement, I intend to move it to an alternative host.

I am considering moving it to Google Code Project Hosting ( Google Code also comes with a bug tracker which we are currently lacking.

There are other alternatives out there, ( but I think Google Code project hosting is probably a good fit.

I would like to make the change next week.

So what will this mean for you?
Well if you've got an existing checkout it will probably just require you to run an svn swtich --relocate command to let SVN know the address of the new server. And if you've currently got commit access then your credentials will probably change to your google login and password. I will also see if I can proxy requests from the current address to the new address during a transition period.

As much as possible I will transfer all the commit history from the current repos (jojo and jojoplugins) to the new repository.

Thoughts? Concerns? Suggestions? What-Ifs?

Also if you want to be my replacement at gardyneHOLT email me -
Rick Rick

18 Aug 2010
Posts: 336

That's one of the oddest job listings I've seen in a while :p

Thanks for the heads up on the repo changes... Google Code does look good, one of the few others I use is Project Locker but that's a paid service with limited features.
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