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19 Aug 2010
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Hi Guys,

I'm sure we've all got sites that accumulate a log of eventlog entries :-(

Here's a script that I use to summarize these across all the sites on our server. This allows me to see the code that produces the most errors across all of our Jojo powered sites on the server, these are the ones that should be fixed first.

The other thing this does is it deletes all the log entries over 7 days old. If you don't want this then edit the script first.

To run the script you'll need http://preview.gardyneholt.co.nz/eventlog/index.phps and in the same folder create a dbconnect.php that looks kinda like
$db = new mysqli('', 'username', 'really strong password', 'anydatabase');

Give it a database username and password that can access all the databases you want to combine the logs of. The last parameter is any valid database that user can access.

To see what it looks like, here's our live one http://preview.gardyneholt.co.nz/eventlog/index.php. It's not pretty in places.

Feel free to use/modify the code, It's AGPL 3 licensed. Patches welcomed.



20 Aug 2010
Posts: 379

very cool. Current branch seems pretty safe now (at least as far as errors go) - 0 errors in the last week across the 10 sites i have running it.

Only issue with deleting the old entries will be that it wipes out event records too. Will look at splitting the eventlog into separate tables for events and errors (which it would make sense in any case).
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