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rockstar rockstar

27 Dec 2007
Posts: 27

Good to hear about the update Harvey...

I thought i would post here with a css video [not free--and I make no money]I found.I think it is the best and easiest way to learn css. I really like books better after I have a clue and more for advanced learning...


there is a little popup window that comes up in the bottom right. I don.t know if pop up blockers have any affect on it---click on the bundles on the top menu if no pop up happens...It'ds not really a pop up...

It is on sale now [till the end of the year] for $39.50 for the bundle and worth every penny. Imo it is easily worth the full price. there is a huge amount of info.

You do not need to download anything either if you don't want to. They set up an account where you can go an click on a video whenever the mood strikes....

I am glad I found it to be sure. It will help me tremendously in creating my own unique completely css design for my jojo site.it covers everything and is quite fresh...

Then I just have to translate it into jojo templates---youch!!!!

Again I make no money on this but find it extremely good and think others might as well


1 Jan 2008
Posts: 5

Thanks for sharing the link :)
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