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Rick Rick

13 Sep 2010
Posts: 336

jojo_hold_page is now committed.

This allows putting the site on hold or into "maintenance mode" etc. Visiting the site will show a hold page unless you're logged in and belong to an allowed usergroup.

The content of the hold page can be customised via "Hold Page" under "Not in menu" in Edit Pages. Or simply override hold-page.tpl

You can still log in by going to "login/". Or, if enabled, there will be a login ilnk on the bottom right of the hold page. This will toggle the login form via javascript, or fallback to simply redirecting the page.

A new usergroup (Owner) is added. If you don't want to use this, simply delete the usergroup and remove it from the Allowed Groups in Hold Page options. If you leave it in Allowed Groups then the usergroup will be re-added upon setup.

You can also choose between two http status codes, 200 OK or 503 Service Unavailable.

Feedback etc welcome.
Jaijaz Jaijaz

7 Oct 2010
Posts: 215

Thank you Rick.

I just got a chance to play with this for the first time and I have to compliment you on a well thought out plugin.

There appeared to be a typo in the tpl file on the option call for analytics that stopped dwoo processing it properly. I have committed a fix for it.

But however all the plugin has everything I could think of that I would need and then some so again thanks. Plus I learnt about the hook for 'jojo_before_parsepage'.
If you not living on the edge you taking up too much space.
Rick Rick

9 Oct 2010
Posts: 336

Thanks, I'm glad someone found it useful. I made it over a year ago and only recently tidied it up a bit and committed it.

Thanks too for fixing the typo.

If you have an IDE that supports "search in files", search for "jojo::runHook(" and you'll find lots of tasty hooks that you never new about before.
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