Alpha 4 Installation problems

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12 Jan 2008
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Hello Harvey & Co. hope you've had a great xmas and new year!

Was excited to see a new release so decied to upgrade/install the new version however I ran into some problems you may be interested in finding out about.

First of all, fresh install. When I tried to install the site to a fresh new site and database, I hit a brick wall during installation. When It's creating tables, it comes across tables that 'exists but different to expected' suggesting the default value should be NULL. It gives an option to fix automatically but doesn't work. When I go into the MySQL database and look up these tables, the value is actually NULL suggesting that the database seems to be fine. Had a play around, but to no avail.


I added the plugins to upgrade my current version on my website. When I uploaded them all and installed them, it made the site dissapear, so all that would load up was a white page, same for the admin, just a white page. The only way around it was to delete the new plugin folders from the remote server to get me back on the cms page, then uninstall them. So having done that a few times, seems the Slideshow plugin and a couple of others are the catalyst for it. Having uploaded them all again now, only uploading the one's I want to use on the site such as the gallery's etc. even after re-uploading the files and installing again, they don't seem to want to work.

Other than that, really excited to see the new features, they all look really good.

Best Wishes;

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