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7 Jul 2011
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I completed setup and got confirmation message too. but when I click website url, I get this message:

Fatal error: Class 'Jojo_Field_dblist' not found in /html/yangburzhome/jojo/plugins/jojo_core/classes/Jojo/Field/Dbpagelist.php on line 21

below complete setup message I was asked to do this:

Looking for reset location?

This process has changed recently. In order to move the location of a website, please follow these steps.

Edit the _SITEURL constant in config.php to reflect the new location (you may need to create this line if it does not already exist).
Edit the RewriteBase line of .htaccess to reflect the new location.
Run setup again (refresh this page).

I followed the instruction but got no results.

please help me out

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