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24 Aug 2011
Posts: 39

Hey guys hope summer went well for everyone

I would like please to redirect my 404 to the index. One methode i approached was to change the 404.tpl by the html i wanted (in this case the front page) but I also need it to change it in the url bar....any clue please
Rick Rick

24 Aug 2011
Posts: 336

Can I ask why you wish to do this? It's not too good for usability or SEO.

At present there is no one hook our function that's called for a 404 so there's no one place to change out. The core handles most of then but most plugins that have sub pages (eg articles) also trigger their own 404s. This could be moved to a core function and have a hook added though.

P.S. It's winter for most of us (New Zealand) :p

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