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20 Jan 2008
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I have noticed that sometimes, such as when I am attempting to add a child page or edit an article of some sort, that my save button fails to work. It doesn't error out or anything, just becomes unresponsive.

I have been looking at the code, however, I am not by nature a web developer. Has anyone else noticed this sort of behavior?

Core Developer


20 Jan 2008
Posts: 327

This functionality is based around a hidden iframe. We try to catch as many errors as we can and display a graceful popup, but sometimes the errors sneak past. There is certainly room for improvement here, and we have been waiting for Feb 8th when we can start using the new-fangled error handling features of PHP5 (PHP4 support is discontinued from this date).

If you view the source of the hidden iframe (using web developer toolbar or similar) you will see any and all errors that are happening (assuming PHP errors are turned on). Feel free to post the errors and we will get back with an answer.


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