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15 Nov 2011
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Our website has recently gone live and these are some of the things clogging the event log. Any suggestions as to why?

jojo/jojo1.0/includes/jojo.php "Undefined index: breadcrumbs" line 505
jojo/jojo1.0/includes/jojo.php "Undefined index: metakeywords" line 453
jojo/jojo1.0/includes/jojo.php "Undefined index: seotitle" line 453
jojo/www_/plugins/jojo_forum/jojo_forum.php "Undefined index: 1947" line 869
jojo/www_/plugins/jojo_forum/jojo_forum.php "Undefined index: 1948" line 869
jojo/www_/plugins/jojo_forum/jojo_forum.php "Undefined index: 8" line 869
jojo/www_/plugins/jojo_testimonial/jojo_testimonial.php "Undefined index: tm_url" line 107

I saw in a couple of posts where you suggested adding a test to the code but these are core files so I would have thought that would be taken care of.



16 Nov 2011
Posts: 379

Hi Roger - only the first three are core files, and even those look to me like a plugin is not generating the expected content array (but not leaving the core to generate it either).

The eventlog should tell you what the referring page was, which will provide some clues as to which plugin is causing the problem.

Most plugins have a _getContent function that core asks to (optionally) supply a content array, in which it expects to find $content['content'] (the body of the page), but also $content['seotitle'], $content['breadcrumbs'] etc.

If a content array isn't returned Core will use it's own one, so I suspect that one of your plugins is returning a content array but not a complete one.

Core doesn't care if they are empty, but they do need to be defined - we could adjust it so that Core doesn't care if they aren't defined either, but personally I think it's a good thing to be reminded that they should be.

The forum and testimonial plugins are not ones I've had much to do with but those issues may well have been addressed in the current versions - are you running current svn copies of them, or tags?
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