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15 Nov 2011
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I have a client registered with Jojo and they are undergoing an identity change. They have charged me with the duty of also changing the look of their website...

I have logged in to their site's admin section, expecting to find what I needed to change. I have never worked with Jojo sites before and have had great success with other CMS sites, but I'm lost... Where and how do I access their site back-end to change headers, navigation, blah-blah, so I can implement the approved designs for their new look?
Rick Rick

15 Nov 2011
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Jojo was designed as a tool to be deployed/implemented by developers, then used by clients. So templates are usually custom coded by the developer implementing the website. Since the template is developed specifically for that website such things as header images/logos etc aren't typically configurable via the back end. This lets each Jojo website be unique and not look "cookie cutter".

To change such things you'll need FTP access to the sites template. If you can't find it, go to the web root and open up config.php and find the location of the "mysite" dir using the "_MYSITEDIR" constant. In that folder will be a "themes" folder, inside that should be the template.

Jojo uses the Smarty (or Dwoo with the Smarty) adapter for its templates. The main template file will be "templates/template.tpl" and you will also find "css/style.css" useful.

If you're not a website developer but have just been handed this task, you may wish to contact a developer to do this for you.
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