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21 Jan 2012
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I have downloaded and tried to install version 1.0.0 of jojo cms.
However, after getting the "Setup Complete" message with no errors and try to go to the homepage or the admin login I get a blank page.
I have tried setting the _DEBUG to true to see if any errors are reported - none. I have looked at the 'eventlog' table in the database and this is also empty. I cannot find the 'templateengine' in the option table of the database to switch this from dwoo to smarty, as suggested in a previous post.
I was just wanting to have a look as the demo link on this site is broken.
Any help gratefully received.
Rick Rick

22 Jan 2012
Posts: 336

Welcome to the site, and I'm sorry your first impression of Jojo isn't such a good one.

My first assumption would also be the template engine... I don't know why that option isn't in your options table. Are there plenty of others in there? Or none?

I assume you're using the "1.0.0 Stable Release" from the sidebar download link, is this right? Try the latest from the 1.0 Branch from the Nightly Snapshots page as it has a lot of enhancements since the 1.0 release.

I don't know who maintains the demo site but hopefully it's back up soon.
Rick Rick

26 Jan 2012
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Hmmm... Snapshots are broken too. SVN Access might be your best bet.
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