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Rick Rick

27 Jan 2012
Posts: 336

Since we all use our preferred Lightbox plugin and they're all pretty much compatible with eachother and even all tend to support rel="lightbox" and some even support rel="lightbox[album]" I was thinking we could remove the Lightbox files from the plugins that have them built in.

Currently I think it's in:
  • jojo_gallery2
  • jojo_gallery3
  • jojo_forum

And the following dedicated plugins also supply lightbox
  • jojo_shadowbox
  • jojo_lightbox
  • jojo_jquery_lightbox

Maybe before the next stable release we could remove lightbox files from other plugins and have them as their own dedicated plugins, making them more easily maintained and reusable.

Ideally we could build a plugin dependency system to handle this, and then since we'd be building that we may as well build a proper manifest system for plugins to identify themselves with. I'm keen to spearhead this myself with discussion and input from everyone, but right now my time is limited to client clients requests so it'll have to wait.

For now we could do it the easy way of just mentioning in the ReadMes that the plugin also requires a Lightbox plugin.



31 Jan 2012
Posts: 379

Sounds good.
I think the only potential issue is the wide variety of lightbox plugins out there with differing levels of capability but as long as the readme specified what features need to be present, that should be OK - as you say, almost all of them use much the same syntax.
Rick Rick

1 Feb 2012
Posts: 336

Cool, I'm busy powering through as much work as I can before I bugger off for two weeks to get married but I'll look at it when I get back.
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