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t1Peter t1Peter

27 Dec 2012
Posts: 8

My first post here...

Having worked with various projects using v1.0, I got all keen when saw that v1.15 was uploaded to Git hub.
I decided to install it to see what was new and was generally impressed!

However that's come to grinding halt when I discovered that changing themes is broken. Seems to work only with base install of refresh - not even the other default themes.
I keep seeing a call to 'malsup.github.com' (I think that's it...)

My php isn't good enough to start investigating yet.

I also notice some errors in the error log.

I see in the forums old discussion about alternatives, has there been any further thoughts? I see that active development appears to have stopped a couple of years ago.

Likewise I see that development on Dwoo seemed to have stopped a couple of years ago. Has any thought been given to upgrading to smarty 3 which does seem to under active development.

Responsive template:
Has anyone done any work on one?

I also do some work with WordPress and Joomla and while Jojo does not have the resources of the big names it is far easier to work with in building sites.

Keep up the good work folks

Rick Rick

28 Dec 2012
Posts: 336

Hi Peter, welcome to the forums.

Changing themes should work the same as it always did... just requiring a force refresh afterwards (two if you're in Chrome). I changed some caching stuff a bit but it shouldn't have a negative effect.

Jojo now loads two external files on every page for form handling, one of which is from malsup.github.com. I've been thinking of ways to only trigger these when actually needed but want something better than a mere hack.

I'm very keen on replacing Xinha, but am being very careful as I don't want to break compatibility. Xinha is very much hardwired into Jojo. I've got a branch on Github where I made Xinha merely a plugin and managed to plug CKEditor in in its place, but it was clunky.

Yes, Dwoo development stopped a while back and it does indeed have a couple of limitations that Smarty doesn't, but it still out performs Smarty in speed and resource tests. Even Smarty3 is still slower. It may be worth switching back at some point but when we switched to Dwoo (I can't remember who did it) Dwoo had a compatibility layer that meant exisitng Smarty code didn't break. We won't have that luxury of not breaking Dwoo specific code if we switch back.

On Github there are two branches (Bootstrap and Mobile)... Bootstrap utilises Twitter Bootstrap to help make responsive templates quite easy, and Mobile utilises dedicated mobile templates when available. Jaijaz and Harvey respectively are the brains behind those. Personally, I use a merged repository of those two branches and the master.

In general there are many many things that all of us wish to do to Jojo, but with time limitations it often comes down to what clients will pay for or what bugs us enough to set some time aside to do it.

Glad you like Jojo, it's always great to find new people using it.
t1Peter t1Peter

28 Dec 2012
Posts: 8

Thanks for the quick reply.

Hard reload does the trick - just had to discover that it's command+shift+R on a Mac.

Great to see the option of more recent JQuery versions.

Rick Rick

28 Dec 2012
Posts: 336

No worries
Jaijaz Jaijaz

28 Dec 2012
Posts: 215

Couple of things to add.

The Bootstrap branch is very stable and I currently have it running about 5 sites, though not all live right now. rockcamp.co.nz is a nice example. Based on this thread I'd say there is a good chance it will get merged back into master and be a part of V1.2.

Other thing is (and I apologise for the gratuitous plug) I have built an example theme that makes use of the Bootstrap branch and the LessPHP that we built into it. It is hosted on GitHub so feel free to have a look/play/use.

Hope that helps.
If you not living on the edge you taking up too much space.
t1Peter t1Peter

28 Dec 2012
Posts: 8

Fantastic - nicely done on rockcamp!
I shall have a look.
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