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5 Feb 2013
Posts: 27

My websites are all hosted on php v5.2.17 and they are being moved to a server running v5.3.2. Do you see any issues that might occur with this move?


Core Developer


6 Feb 2013
Posts: 327

5.3 works solid.

I have been running 50+ Jojo sites on 5.3 for a year or 2 and most of the core team use 5.3 as far as I'm aware. 5.4 also seems to work, but there are a lot of PHP warnings which would need to be addressed in the Jojo core before I could recommend switching to 5.4

Rick Rick

5 Jun 2013
Posts: 336

Avoid PHP 5.4... Although Tom has fixed up most of the "static" warnings, the Filemanager in Xinha doesn't work and for some odd reason when I tested with recent builds of Jojo the server would not respond for some pages unless debug mode was enabled yet nothing was logged.



1 Jul 2013
Posts: 379

I think the File Manager issues in Xinha are OK now on 5.4
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