User Based vs Extended checkout

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Rick Rick

29 Jan 2014
Posts: 336

What's the difference between the User Based and Extended checkout plugins? I see a few different options and hooks but they appear largely the same.

I ask because User Based seems to be getting updated (so I assume used) more and I'm having an odd issue with Extended (not for public discussion).

Is it worth me switching over to User Based and updating my hooks?



10 Mar 2014
Posts: 379

I almost always use the userbased one, but I think it was originally an extension of the extended which would explain the similarities. Userbased adds support for users to store addresses (although not very nicely and I'd like to overhaul that at some point) but probably doesn't have a great deal extra going for it other than I'm reasonably active in maintaining it for Bootstrap etc.

I have a dream of replacing the current hard-coded checkout address system with one based on forms editable through jojo_contact so that you can edit field names and set which ones you want as required etc far more easily that you can at present. One day..
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