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5 Aug 2014
Posts: 39

Hi Jojo Team,
I've been using JojoCMS for several years now and find the plugins logic to be the best PHP classes. A default install of Jojo gives you good SEO ranking very easily.
Would you guys think it's a good Idea to port like the Article plugin to Laravel? Or even better adapt JojoCMS core plugin?
I'm willing to do this just to learn but wanted your advice first.
Also, any plans for future releases of JojoCMS?
Rick Rick

12 Aug 2014
Posts: 336

Hi ayoub,

Article/blog systems are fairly standard nowadays... the power of Jojo comes from a design model that is essentially incompatible with Laravel in that tables and fields are very extensible and dynamic in Jojo because of the abstract approach it takes and the awesome power that is the dynamic CRUD interface.

With a decent admin bundle for Laravel it should be reasonably trivial to create a blog with categories, rss feeds with good SEO URLs and even comments with a little extra work. So you might be best off creating an article system yourself in Laravel after looking at Jojo's Article plugin for inspiration as well as stepping back and asking yourself what you need, not just what others have done.

In saying that, there are some sections of Jojo that could do with an overhaul to be more OO based, and I'd love to rip into it, but time simply doesn't permit.


[edit] If I'm wrong, I'm happy to be corrected :)



11 Sep 2014
Posts: 379

There is a new release out on github, I just haven't got around to putting a notice up on here about it yet... - mainly bug fixes.

Next up for a feature release will most likely be adding adaptive image handling in so that smallscreen devices don't get served desktop sized images from responsive designs. Live Search is something I'd like to add in also

Jojo5 .. who knows. I'd like to build in full-ajax capability with hashbang url support so we can do those hip one page sites more easily, without compromising SEO, and stuff like persistent music players.
Rick Rick

11 Sep 2014
Posts: 336

Jojo used to have automatic ajax page support but that was removed not long after I found the project.
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