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24 Sep 2014
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I've tried cloning the JojoCMS ver 4.1 repo from git but it says it cannot find the link to the Xinha Mootools adapter.
This is what I have in .gitsubmodules (No Xinha link)

[submodule "plugins/jojo_core/external/csstidy"]
path = plugins/jojo_core/external/csstidy
url =
[submodule "plugins/jojo_core/external/lessphp"]
path = plugins/jojo_core/external/lessphp
url =
[submodule "plugins/jojo_core/external/bootstrap"]
path = plugins/jojo_core/external/bootstrap
url =
[submodule "plugins/jojo_core/external/normalize"]
path = plugins/jojo_core/external/normalize
url =
[submodule "plugins/jojo_core/external/respond"]
path = plugins/jojo_core/external/respond
url =
[submodule "plugins/jojo_core/external/jstree"]
path = plugins/jojo_core/external/jstree
url =
[submodule "plugins/jojo_core/external/parsedown"]
path = plugins/jojo_core/external/parsedown
url =
[submodule "plugins/jojo_core/external/jshrink"]
path = plugins/jojo_core/external/jshrink
url =
[submodule "plugins/jojo_core/external/csstoinline"]
path = plugins/jojo_core/external/csstoinline
url =
[submodule "plugins/jojo_core/external/font-awesome"]
path = plugins/jojo_core/external/font-awesome
url =

Does any one have this issue?




7 Oct 2014
Posts: 379

That's some weirdness in Xinha - I think there must have been a submodule there at some point but I don't know how to get rid of the reference to it. It's not used in any case so it shouldn't make any difference other than displaying an error
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