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25 Sep 2014
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Hi all,

I have downloaded the version 4.1 zip from the downloads page and did a fresh install.

There is an error when we go to the plugins page in the admin section:

Fatal error: Class 'Parsedown' not found in /var/JojoCMS/plugins/jojo_core/classes/Jojo/Plugin/Admin/Plugins.php on line 70





7 Oct 2014
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Not sure about that one - git-archive-all is supposed to embed all of the submodules into the zip. Unless you're on a server with php 5.2- maybe? Parsedown uses namespacing in it's class declaration so requires 5.3+

21 Oct 2014
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I have just downloaded the zip file and added to my website to start the process of updating. I have PHP 5.3 but found many empty dirs in the jojo_core/external. I then set up git but found they were also empty.

Having investigated further it is clear that any code pulled from other projects as in - font-awesome @ 0373b63 - is not included in either the zip or the git.

That probably explains why there is no css formating of the pages.

OK - found my error. On the download page I clicked on "Github" rather than "tagged releases". The download on that page is incomplete.



22 Oct 2014
Posts: 379

Yes, that's the way GitHub do it for some reason - submodules (packages we import from other projects) like LessPhp, Bootstrap. CSSTidy and so on are not included in the zip files they generate automatically. If you have git, you can run

git submodule init
git submodule update

and it will import them, but if you had git you probably wouldn't be using the zip file anyway...
Which is why I use a third party tool to create zip archives that do include the submodules, and upload them under the Releases section. I'll do ones for 4.1.1 as soon as I get a chance - it has a couple of important bug fixes over 4.1.0.
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