Leafo/lessphp to Oyejorge/less.php

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Rick Rick

25 Nov 2014
Posts: 336

Hi Tom,

I spotted your commit message here about replacing leafo's lessphp with oyejorge's less.php but haven't seen it done. I'm keen to make the switch and changing some things so I can get source maps working but will wait if you're part way through switching it.

Have you made the switch and not pushed it, or reverted it for some reason?



23 Feb 2015
Posts: 379

Slow reply sorry - it's done but I made the mistake of using the same folder name for the submodule which seems to confuse git no end, so just running submodule update doesn't seem to work and the only way to get it in is by doing a fresh clone of Jojo, init and update.

It seems to work just fine with Bootstrap 3.

There's an issue with 3.2 - not with Less but because they've changed to using @import to pull in the mixins which Stitcher can't cope with currently.
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