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30 Jan 2008
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Hi, is it possible to direct small pages in some sort of menu to show in a column right (or left) depending on the theme? For example, showing your ip is not useful as a page but can be useful as an item in a column. Are you planning some kind of system for this?

Core Developer


30 Jan 2008
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We have a few ways of getting this functionality, though we don't yet have a nice GUI for doing so.

Currently, you can place snippets of content anywhere you like by doing the following...

  • in any plugin or theme, create a global.php file and add some PHP code to do something, then assign that something to Smarty. If we are talking about the IP example, then it might look something like this...
    $smarty->assign('yourip', $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']);

  • Next, create a template in the templates folder of any plugin or theme. Have the template do something. eg...
    <em>Your IP address is {$yourip}.</em>

  • Now that the template is created, you can use it in your main template, or within page body content.
    Simply use the following tag...
    (note the round brackets above should be replaced with square brackets)

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