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21 Jul 2007
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Hello everyone...

I noticed something yesterday while in admin --I clicked the little home icon in the top right--the house-- and it went to a bad request page--I might be wrong, but It seems you need to add the / after everything to get where you want to go,at least the way mine is installed--which is fine by me,but the links have to woek

It also happens on my home page when I click the word home in the menu at the top.It gave the same error

The installation is fine, but I need to edit something in the template or somewhere I think...


Core Developer


21 Jul 2007
Posts: 327

That's an interesting problem I haven't seen before.

Jojo is designed to do a 301 redirect from www.domain.com to www.domain.com/ (add the trailing slash to all URLs) in an attempt to reduce duplicate content.

It's interesting that this doesn't work on your web host, and I'll need to look into this.

This isn't something I have seen before on all the hosts I use, so I'd like to figure this one out.

If you really need that link fixed, please replace your admin template with the one attached. Place this in (BASEDIR)/plugins/jojo_core/templates/admin
otherwise this will be included in the next release.



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