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Rosaline Rosaline

6 Mar 2008
Posts: 8

Hi all!
I've looked at some of the instruction video's of jojo and honestly... It looks just like what I need!
How ever, I'm no pro, so I asked a friend of mine what he thought. He said: "What?! A beta?! don't do it!".
Now my heart is broken, so I would like to know if you are expecting a stable release and in what time ratio. Also... If I (in secret of course) do decide to use jojo, will I get into trouble if I get a bug or if I have to opdate(?)...

I await your answer!

Thnx all, and in any case many good luck with the development of jojo!


Core Developer


6 Mar 2008
Posts: 327

Hi Rosaline,

The answer to that question depends on the type of site you are running and your level of experience.

Generally speaking, you won't run into show-stopper problems on the beta once it's installed. We do get a few installation issues, some aspects of the admin interface are still being developed, and some plugins aren't fully featured yet (This forum doesn't compare to VBulletin, but it's still perfectly usable).

As with any beta software, you will want to stay on top of the updates as they come out, and this does mean more maintenance for the developer.

I always suggest starting off with a small, simple site. Get something simple working, and if you like the Jojo way of doing things, then take on something more complicated. With any CMS, if you try to take on a big project straight away, the learning curve is that much steeper and you will probably end up unsatisfied.

Generally speaking, we try not to apologise for bugs in the system (it is beta) but we do give good support when people contact us with issues. We like it when developers help us work through any issues, rather than demanding fixes.

I'm reluctant to give a date for a full release, there are a few variables involved, but we are developing fairly heavily at the moment improving all aspects of the system.

I guess the bottom line is that if your site is straightforward, then go for it, we will support you. If it has lots of pages, needs several custom plugins, will be high-traffic or you have limited PHP development experience, then probably something like Drupal would be a better choice.

Jojo does happily run on complicated or big sites, but not for your first project.


Rosaline Rosaline

6 Mar 2008
Posts: 8

Hi Harvey,

Thanks! Your comments are really helpful.

I don't have experience with drupal, i did work with Joomla!, but it was very closed in my opinion. I mean that I could chance some things in the code but I find it very difficult to make it fit with a design that I made by my self. Also I don't like the structure with the content items so much....

I was searching for a cms where i can see the php and understand the code, so i keep in charge completely myself, without having to figure out all difficult kind of codes...

I have the feeling that jojo is that kind of cms. So I would love to go try it out as you suggested.

Only with installing php I'm a bit a dummy... I will have to updat my php version on my computer i think and then also install the gd library. Once I did (/figure out) that I will get on my way pretty easy I think :)

rockstar rockstar

9 Mar 2008
Posts: 27

I think you will be happy both with JOJO and the support you get here.The answers are very complete and quite possible include the fix in the form of a .zip file. The developers here really know their stuff and their explanations are in plain English--sprinkled with a little New Zealand lingo.

I know what you mean about the code--it can be a problem--It is for me--and not just jojo--php in general. I do not think I have a php type of mind....

I hate to put stuff like this in here, but the profiles have nothing and there is no PM-ing available

Take a look here. It has nothing to do with news

this is a pretty simple[lite] cms--it is not like jojo is or will it ever be.. but it is a cms. it is pretty easy to make a template and it is only one file--installation is different but simple.Support is good and very friendly like here..I would have put a heart smiley here......

When looking at what jojo can do and what snews can you can see the 2 are not interchangeable. JJ is an exellent full blown cms and snews is a lite cms that is not bad to learn on if you already have a clue....Many people use it, and only it, for their whole site--it is not limited in that way. The back end [admin] is very lite...but functional

If you have a wamp you can have jojo and snews....

BTW Harvey: there is no link to this forum on the front page
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