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Rick Rick

12 Mar 2008
Posts: 336

I like the new template you're using for, it looks great :D

Lead Developer


12 Mar 2008
Posts: 67

Thanks. Bon did a lot of work putting it together.

If you're following the development version (SVN or nightlies) you may have noticed that the Jojo admin interface is now similar to this look as well.

There's a couple more things to come on the site in the next couple of weeks too.

- Mike

10 Jun 2008
Posts: 6

It does look great. Is there any chance of shoving it in a future release as a default template?

While I realise it should be possible for us to knock up something similar (no images, simple lines, etc) it'd be great to have it just there. Guess it's a taste thing but the existing choices imo seem a little busy for sites where the text and specific page design are king.

Core Developer


10 Jun 2008
Posts: 327

The included themes are really only there to give working examples of how themes work.

Our target market will almost always want to create a custom theme for each site (we aren't trying to catch up to Wordpress in terms of numbers of available themes).

I'll have to check with the team about including the Jojo theme - the big question is, do we really want other sites using the same theme as us? It's more likely we will come up with something similar but unique for the default theme. We just found it easier to use the refresh theme as the default (for the meantime), which lets us focus on other things.



11 Jun 2008
Posts: 379

Been thinking about that myself.
I'll have a look at it when i get a space and see if i can't come up with a more stripped down default template that is as clean and simple as the Jojo one without being too similar (although it might be a good thing in some ways..?).

Currently i find myself using the template as a base for most new sites because it has everything shoved in there already (search, multi-language, page templates, articles, tags, banners), so will look at something along those lines as an option also.
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