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21 Jul 2007
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Welcome to the forums.

While many forums have big long complicated sets of rules, all we ask is that you treat other members and admins with respect - basic stuff really.

If you are after a free link from the forums, keep in mind that all posts are moderated. We allow links in the forums if they contribute to the discussion and have something to offer. If you are just after some free link juice, maybe there are better places to go for this.

The forums are a place to ask questions regarding Jojo, and get help from other members. There are several admins monitoring the forums daily, so we should be able to attend to requests fairly quickly.

The forums should be your first point of call when you need support with Jojo. Any questions that we answer here are available to the public, and may be able to help someone else out in the future. We will also answer all queries via email or our contact form.

These forums are based on our Jojo forum plugin, and we would appreciate any feedback you have on them.


Harvey & the Jojo team.

8 Nov 2008
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Why not have a Jojo partner program?

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