Jojo - Open Source CMS

Jojo is a PHP-based free CMS for web developers wanting to build good websites. We like sites that are fast, standards compliant, easy to manage, search engine friendly and design flexible.

Jojo Open Source CMS offers a fair bit of functionality out of the box, that other paid or free CMS systems don't have, or require hacking to have. Here are some of our favorite features...

  • Multi-site install lets you run unlimited websites from a single set of core files. Makes it real easy to upgrade lots of sites at once.
  • Smart handling of CSS and javascript usually makes for 50-90% savings in filesize & several HTTP requests.
  • Nice n' safe. There are 3 files sitting in the web-root of a Jojo website, none of them writable. This is a security plus on shared servers, and most CMS systems don't do this.
  • Image handling. Jojo resizes all images on the fly from a large original image kept on the server. Images can be resized to any dimension, cropped square or cropped to fit simply by changing the URL of the image (which is search engine friendly of course). Images are cached to save server processing, and can be regenerated by pressing CTRL-F5 in your browser (no complicated cache-clearing routines here).
  • Plugins! Like all good CMS systems, Jojo lets you extend the functionality by adding product databases, blogs, image galleries or whatever takes your fancy.
  • Search engine friendly CMS - Jojo is up there with the best. Check out our pretty darn good list of SEO features

The Jojo4 release is now available, for free (as always).